We have already hit the target -- the Directive of WEEE & RoHS under European Union.
Our company developed the environmental protective button cells without mercury since 2001 successfully . The mercury content of this battery can be as low as 0.00005% and it doesn't have any harm to the environment in accordance with the requirement under the European and America markets. We supply many famous toys & gifts companies and become popular widely.
Major amendments introduced by Directive 98/101/EC are:From 2000, the content of Mercury contained in Batteries and Accumulators should not be more than 0.0005% by weight; the content of Cadmium and Lead should not be more that 0.0025% and 0.4% respectively.
In 2001, we have successfully manufactured environmental friendly button battery, which contains mercury of less than 0.5/1,000,000. It has also pass the test from CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories on June 2001, the report number is AB007366.
As the mercury free battery is perfectly meet the stringent requirements of American-Euro markets, our environmental friendly button battery has played a very important role in the market of environmental friendly battery.
To ensure our products are of excellent quality, we have employed a very accurate programme for production control and an advanced product-testing device. In April 2002, we have awarded ISO9001:2000 and has implemented a comprehensive programme on quality control.